Freeze Dried & Dehydration

Freeze Dry & Dehydration Process


My Food Storage takes a new innovative approach to long-term food storage and emergency preparedness. We use both the freeze-dry method and the dehydration method in preparing our meals. Carefully assessing the elements of each entrée, we use whichever process will work best with the food to produce optimal taste, texture, and shape, while retaining great nutritional value. Vegetable ingredients are generally freeze-dried while noodle or rice ingredients taste better dehydrated.

The Advantages of Freeze-Drying and Dehydration:

  • Food is shrunken down for ideal storage with generous servings
  • Meals maintain natural taste, shape, color and texture
  • Food sustains its nutritional value
  • Very light weight because almost all water has been removed
  • Meals are quickly and thoroughly cooked just by adding water
  • Peace of mind with a 25 year shelf life

The Dehydration Process

The dehydration process removes the moisture from food by moving the product through a drying chamber at low temperature while maintaining the same nutritional value.

The Freeze-Dry Process

The freeze-dry process flash freezes the food before it is placed in a vacuum drying chamber. This extracts most of the moisture from the product without affecting the natural flavors, colors, shapes or nutrients of the food.