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The Essentials

Emergency Survival Stove Emergency Survival Stove All the basics to get you started including the stove, 4 fuel discs and matches $29.95 Emergency Fuel Discs Stove Fuel Discs This fuel disc pack comes with 6 fuel discs for the emergency survival stove. $22.99

Emergency Survival Stove

Our emergency survival stove offers quick and easy use, unlimited shelf life, and ultimate safety. Without the use of harmful chemicals, our stove is able to run on waterproof fuel discs that are made out of all natural and recycled materials like clean hardwood shavings and food grade wax. Therefore, the fuel discs have no legal storing limits like propane or gas, and neither do they evaporate or lose quality over time. The stove comes with four of these discs and weighs under 3 pounds, with the weight capacity to hold over 300 pounds.

This emergency stove has unmatched performance, burning hotter than most outdoor stoves and offering a safe and convenient way to cook everything from marshmallows to our own freeze-dried emergency meals. It is environmentally conscious, energy efficient, and reliable. The stove was designed for multiple uses, and can be lit and re-lit. This stove is the perfect addition to your emergency preparation because it is non-hazardous , easy to transport, and it never expires.