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25 Year Shelf Life Food Storage

MyFoodStorage FAQ's


We offer the best tasting food with the highest quality and a long shelf life that is scientifically proven to be the best value in food storage. If you are trying to choose between one of our competitors and us, feel free to give us a call or start an online chat so we can help you in making your decision.

Where are we located?

We have corporate offices in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Do you import ingredients from other countries?

All of the ingredients in our ready-made meals and freeze dried veggies are grown on farms across the United States. The only ingredients we import are our fruits, which are grown in South America and processed in the United States. All of our food is FDA approved. None of our products, including packaging, are made in China.

How are the meals packaged?

Our meals are packaged carefully in individual nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches that seal in nutrients and flavor. Those pouches are then stored and sealed in stackable Polyethylene buckets. By using this durable and space saving packaging, the food is stored safely and securely and can be grabbed by the handle if you’re in a hurry. All our food is packaged in the United States.

Will the food go bad if I open the bucket?

No, the food will not go bad if you open the bucket because the meals are sealed in nitrogen flushed pouches within the bucket. They will still retain their 25 year shelf life. If you open the bag, however, that shelf life will start to decrease because the meal has been exposed to open air.  

Where should I store the food?

The best place to store your food storage is somewhere that isn’t exposed to a lot of light and where it can stay relatively cool and dry, like a basement. Heat, light and moisture can degrade any product over time, and although we made and packaged our products to endure the elements (light and moisture especially), there is always a risk of overexposure.

What is the shelf life?

The long term meals have a 25 year shelf life along with the freeze dried veggies. The fruits have a 20 year shelf life, meats have a 15 year shelf life.

Do the meals contain any meat or fish?

Our products are surprisingly 100% vegetarian. This means our meals retain a longer shelf life than other competitors and never goes rancid. Research shows that the oils in meat and egg based products can go bad after being stored for a period of time. We use soy and Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) which is high enough in fiber and protein to very adequately substitute meat in your diet, and it will not go bad.

The taste, however, will surprise even the heartiest of meat eaters. It is our commitment to provide you with a food storage meal that is rich in taste with a 25 year long shelf life. Our meals can be preserved for use in both the most critical and convenient circumstances.

We do sell freeze dried meats (real meat) separately from our meals because they have a shorter 15 year shelf life.

Are your meals gluten free?

Our food is not gluten free. We have done our best to make our meals as healthy as possible for an emergency situation. The meals are ideal for people that aren't allergic to gluten. When considering this product we recommend that it be taken as an emergency food and not a health food. However, our freeze dried veggies and fruits do not contain any gluten.

How many calories per serving?

Our meals are around 300 - 400 calories per serving and retain their rich nutritional value. They were made to be supplemented with our freeze dried meats and veggies for added calories.

Where do I find the Nutritional Information?

To view our nutritional information, go to our long term packages, select one, and then click “nutrition information” below the display image and to the right of “details”. 

Are the meals freeze dried or dehydrated?

While many of our competitors commit to either freeze drying or dehydrating, we decided to take a different approach. We use both the freeze drying and dehydrating methods in our meals. We carefully observe the elements of each meal and use whatever process works best with the food to produce the best taste, texture, and shape. Most importantly, the food retains its nutritional value. We dehydrate most of the noodles and rice and freeze dry almost everything else like the vegetables.  We only do this to improve the taste and texture. Our product is studied with scientific precision to deliver the best tasting and most capably preserved product on the market.

How much water is needed to cook the food?

 You only need one cup of water per serving for each meal.

What are the bucket sizes?

56 Serving: 11 LBS
13” tall, 9” Wide, 9” Deep 

60 Serving: 12 LBS
12” tall, 12” Wide, 10” Deep 

84 Serving: 15 LBS
15” tall, 12” Wide, 10” Deep

120 Serving: 20 LBS
13” tall, 13” Wide, 16” Deep

Do I have to use hot water when cooking the food?

If hot water is unavailable to you, you can use water of any temperature to rehydrate the food. Cooking the food with hot water typically takes about 12 minutes, while cooking with room temperature water will take between 20-30 minutes to hydrate the meal. You can also purchase a portable Stove in a Can for your food storage by clicking the following link: Emergency Stove

How much food should we have stored for our family?

The needs of each family are different. Give us a call at 888-407-0833 to get our professional opinion or check out our food storage calculator.

What is a 72 hour kit?

The meals in our 72 Hour Kit can be used for camping, food storage, or emergency food, but this kit was specially designed for a grab and go scenario. Natural disasters and other emergencies come quickly and with little or no warning- this products was designed to eliminate the immediate concern of meals for the first 3 days...

What other uses are there for your product?

Along with storing meals for an emergency situation, a number of customers have also found our product to be versatile enough to be consumed on a day-to-day basis. Meals can also be used on camping, hunting and backpacking trips. Others grab them from the pantry at home or take them to work when they don t have time to prepare a meal or go out for lunch.

Is your food processed on equipment that also processes tree nuts or peanuts?

Our long term ready-made meals are processed on equipment that also processes tree nuts and peanuts. However, our fruits, veggies, and meats are not processed on equipment that also processes tree nuts and peanuts.

How long does it take to ship?

Typically, we ship out within 24 hours as long as we have everything in stock and the order is placed on a weekday. After that, it takes between 3-7 days to deliver, depending on the size of the order and the location. SHIPPING IS FREE

Does Free Shipping Include Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico?

Free shipping for orders over $87 only applies to states in the continental U.S., shipping off continent requires a 10% shipping fee (cost is 10% of your order total).