My Food Storage Affiliate Program

What is an Online Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are a fun and exciting way for you to monetize your web traffic. We provide you with a tracking link to place on your site (usually in the form of a text link or a banner). You then place the banners or links in strategic locations throughout your site. When your visitors click on any of your tracking links and come to our site and make a purchase, we will be able to track it back to you and give you credit for the sale.


My Food Storage: Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to earn extensive commissions for the many sales made on every day. With the best quality, taste, cost, and efficiency in food storage, our products are proven to satisfy every audience, constantly attracting new customers.


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We offer the best tasting food storage with the highest quality, smartest packaging, and a 25 year shelf life. Become a part of our modern food storage innovation and share in our success by endorsing these products, and encouraging emergency preparedness on your site.