2013 Resolutions

2013: Readiness Resolutions and Food Storage for the Future

We’re starting a new year and embracing 2013, hoping to be better prepared for the future. Many may be feeling relieved that we survived 2012, but looking ahead there are tons of threats and disasters looming. Stay on track and remain prepared, making readiness resolutions for the New Year to start it off right.

5 Readiness Resolutions:

1. Make a family emergency plan: Discuss the possibilities with your family members and decide on your plans for survival so that you can increase your ease of mind about the future.

2. Store Long-Term Food and Water: With a rough looking winter ahead of us and many other threats beneath the surface, it is important to keep a hefty supply of high-quality and easily prepared and stored food and water. These are things you simply cannot go without, any time of any year.

3. Build a first aid kit and grow your own medicinal prepper garden: These activities can be fun and informative, and they help you independently secure the welfare of your family.

4. Research and Learn: Stay in touch and understand possible threats specific to your area, and what should be done to prepare for them. Natural or man-made, there are always underlying hazards nearby that can quickly devastate lives.

5. Utilize Modern Preparedness Tools: FEMA is promoting a new kind of readiness tool utilizing the technology we use every day, encouraging preparedness via smartphone.

Making solid readiness resolutions for 2013 is a great way to motivate your family to stay on top of emergency preparedness all year long, which increases your safety and peace of mind for the future. Take on one at a time and resolve to survive the trouble ahead.

Keep in mind, winter can be a devastating season, and can deal even more damage than summer and autumn. The close of 2012 ended with a huge blizzard spanning 750 miles; the year went out with a bang and opened the door for another tough winter. You’re going to want to prepare as soon as possible before 2013 shows its true colors. This year, make it your resolution to be ready for anything.