Epic Scale Disaster Predictions

3 Epic Natural Disaster Coming to the U.S. – Prepare For Anything

Planet Earth is packed with threats and hazards. For as long as our planet has existed, catastrophic events have occurred that deeply changed and effected the Earth prior to our species’ inhabitance, which could have devastated the human population. We’ve all seen the disaster movies that portray a massive tidal wave or a sudden ice age occurring, wiping away the unprepared, but what are the real threats out there that could actually threaten the world as we know it? Well, there are a few dangerous events just waiting to surface, and some say these events are long overdue.

The truth is, in the last 3 decades natural disasters have greatly increased in number and danger, showing Mother Nature’s true colors. Each year natural disasters related to meteorological, hydrological and climate changes result in devastation and loss, stifling the economy and societal development. Just between 1980 and 2005, about 7500 disasters occurred world-wide, taking the lives of over 2 million while resulting in huge economic losses of about 1.2 trillion. 90 percent of these disasters were caused by weather related  hazards, or epidemics and insect infestations related to the planet’s environmental conditions.

Shedding some light on 3 likely disaster scenarios heading toward the U.S., we can try to better prepare for the extreme- hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

1. 40-Mile Mud Slide: The prediction of a mega-mud slide off of Mount Rainer has been commonly discussed amongst geologists who are familiar with the danger this inactive volcano poses to Washington residents.

At 14,410-ft tall, Mount Rainier is impressive but also incredibly unstable, riddled with corroded rock and covered in a cubic mile of snow and ice . It is weakened from the inside by years of acidic magma, and has partially collapsed many times over the last 5600 years. In the last few years, the mountain has been more volatile than ever, causing frequent but mild mud slides and avalanches. If this event were to occur it could devastate over 150,000 lives and even more homes. The mudslide would occur quickly with little warning, rushing at 60 mph and resulting in 15 ft waves from the nearby Carbon and Puyallop rivers.

2. Massive Earthquake in Central US: When considering future earthquakes, most people think of California as the hot spot, however, studies show a lot of vulnerability in the Central U.S. for a bigger blow, the Mississippi River Valley in particular.

An ancient rift zone beneath Missouri has posed the threat of a devastating earthquake for years. And when this does occur, the results will be big and bad. Geologically speaking, the ground in California is better able to absorb shock waves than what you find in the Central U.S., which means the damage will travel faster and further. Back in the 1800s, this rift caused magnitude 8 quakes, but has been resting quietly since. Overdue for another shock, Mississippi Valley residents can expect an magnitude 7 earthquake in the near future, and the damage will go a long way for those unprepared.

3. Miami Wiped Out: Predictions for a mega hurricane in Florida have been rumored by many meteorologists and residents a like for years, realizing the high risk area and its daily hazards.

Starting with a category 5 hurricane in the Keys, this disaster would quickly spill into Florida’s Turkey Point nuclear power plant, resulting in hazardous radiation. The storm then heads for Miami, equipped with 15 foot surges and immense strength that could easily wipe away the highly populated beach city. This sort of disaster could be huge and cost many lives along with billions of dollars.

It is impossible to know when exactly any natural disaster of epic scale could occur and devastate the world as we know it. The only way you can truly secure your future survival is to plan ahead for the worst. Store long term food and water along with survival supplies and first aid. Regardless of where you are in the U.S., there are hidden hazards waiting to surface: be ready.

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