When Zombies Attack...

5 Surprising Ways that Our Food Storage can Help You Survive a Zombie Outbreak

With Halloween just around the corner I find myself considering the likelihood of a zombie outbreak more than usual. I’ve always found this time of year entertainingly ironic- we’re laughing in the face of all the things we fear most. Vampires, zombies, cannibalism, killer clowns and death… we wear masks and personify our own nightmares. It poses the question: how much do we really have to fear?

As much as I’d like to cover all of these, let’s focus on zombies. The media loves them, and so do preppers, as far as worst nightmare topics go. When it comes down to it, being prepared for any emergency can help ensure your survival, whatever the situation is. You may be surprised by all the ways food storage can help you survive a zombie apocalypse, maybe there isn’t as much to fear as we think.

1. Hideout- In case of a zombie outbreak, we recommend hiding out. This limits your risk of infection, or otherwise being eaten. Emergency food like ours is designed for extreme conditions and crisis mode, meaning our food requires minimal resources in order to prepare and eat. Just add water! Fruits, veggies, cereals and meats are also great eaten dry. Limiting your activity also means your body will require fewer calories in order to live.

2. Run For Your Life- When forced to evade infection by way of running, you don’t want to be left scrambling for bulky cans or jars. Our buckets of food are light weight and easy to grab-and-go fast, containing as many as 120 servings each. Survival kits are also essential for surviving on-the-run. Pouches can be packed into anything and go anywhere without weighing you down.

3. Keep Your Mind on Track- It’s easy to lose it in a worst-case scenario. Going hungry will only make it worse, by putting added stress on your mind and clouding your judgment. Staying fed will keep you alert enough to fend for yourself.

4. Keeping Your Body Strong- Staying well-fed is an easy and effective source of energy and stamina. In the midst of a zombie outbreak, you’re going to need it. Without the weakening effects of hunger, your body can benefit your chances of survival whether you’re evading or attacking.

5. The Calming Effects of a Good Meal- In a crisis, even a minor every day issue, a good meal is a valuable source of comfort. It helps you feel human, and a bit more normal. It’s important to preserve what little normality you can in a zombie outbreak.

Keeping all of this in mind, if you’re already prepared, you have less to fear that you may think. And if and when a zombie outbreak does occur, you’d better have some emergency food on hand; you’re going to need it.