Introducing… Water Storage!

That’s right; due to high demand, My Food Storage is now selling water storage. We all know that water is the most vital and essential survival product that is priceless when disaster strikes. And true to our products, the water storage we now offer is high quality and innovative. We are committed to providing the best products with unbeatable value, which is why we took our time to discover the ultimate water storage solution.

Here’s how our waterbox works: a metalized five gallon water bag is encased in a durable, heavy duty cardboard box that features an easy fill-and-pour spout. We ship them to you empty to save you money on the expensive shipping costs that commonly come with purchasing water storage. Once you fill them with water, each one weighs 40 lbs.

Don’t be fooled by the affordability and light weight packaging, however. These boxes are extremely strong and can hold their own even when stacked three boxes high, filled with water. Our waterboxes are guaranteed to last a lifetime and can be used and reused for years and years to come.  Finding affordable and efficient water storage is not easy, but having it is essential. Buy your water storage now from the company you trust.