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Alternative Uses for Emergency Food | MyFoodStorage

Our delicious emergency meals last 25 years, making them ideal for long term storage and survival purposes. However, they are great tasting and easy enough to prepare for everyday use as well. Here are some ideas on alternative uses for our meals:

- Camping or outdoor use: Our meals only require heat and water, which means they are perfect for outdoor use. Whether you’re only on a day trip, hike, or weekend of camping, you’ll be impressed with the delicious high quality of our food.

- Travel: Many people choose to bring our meals along on international trips, a food source they can trust that is easy to prepare and light weight enough to bring along. They are also great for long road trips, planes, and airport layovers that leave you hungry and only offer expensive food options.

- Quick Meal: On busy work days, our meals make the perfect no hassle lunch or dinner that is easy to prepare and ready to eat fast. They’re so tasty, you won’t regret opening up a pouch!

Tip: some of our favorite and most-loved emergency meals are pasta alfredo, savory stroganoff, and creamy pasta and vegetable rotini!

Keep all of these alternative meal ideas in mind while we are fast approaching a busy back-to-school season and squeezing in a final summer vacation. Let us know if you come up with any more great alternative meal uses, they could be featured in a future blog post!