Surviving 2012

Apocalypse or Not: Surviving 2012 and Preparing for 2013

Well, Winter Solstice came and went today on 12-21-12 and we’re still in business, and ready to talk 2013. Whether or not you were ready for the Mayan prediction of the end of days, I think we were all relieved when the Doomsday clock failed to go off this morning. It looks like we’ve survived the feared year 2012, though many of us live to tell tales of its many natural and man-made disasters, economical turmoil and predictions of doom. Granted, the day is not over yet. Surviving 2012 is still on the minds of many, while others embrace preparations for the future and 2013.

Surviving the present and past is a relief, but don’t fail to stay consistent, continue to bravely prepare for the future with emergency food and water, to ensure your survival for years to come. Make your readiness resolutions for 2013, from emergency plans to storage and supplies, and everything in between.


We are committed to providing the best long-term emergency food, whatever your method or motivation for prepping- My Food Storage is here to help you survive and prepare, we’ve been around for over 10 years and will be around for another 10 years. Our food has a 25 year shelf life, covering you for years to come- apocalypse or not.