Nemo in Review: Winter’s Reminder to Be Prepared

Winter Storm Nemo blew through the Northeast last weekend,filling streets with up to 3 feet of snow. More than 650,000 homes and businesses were left without power, and many were forced to sleep in over-crowded shelters to stay warm. Even by Tuesday over 50,000 remained without electricity in the frigid February cold. The storm caused at least 18 deaths and countless injuries, due to the many hazards of a winter storm.

Roads and highways closed early Friday evening, and some were even stuck in their cars along the Long Island Expressway overnight. The dangerous snow and ice combination led to terrible accidents and pedestrian injuries. Because of the lack of proper plowing, most roads were unable to provide travel for several days.

For some, the aftermath of the storm was the worst part. No electricity in the Northeastern most states in February was far from ideal, and thousands were forced into a survival scenario they hadn’t anticipated. Not to mention the roofs that collapsed under the immense pressure of 3 feet of snow and ice.

We worry about the economy, man-made disasters and doomsday, but it is vital never to underestimate the power of mother nature. Too many people make the mistake of not preparing for these scenarios. Winter weather can be unpredictable, merciless and deadly.

Just like with all storms, this one emptied store shelves fast and last-minute supplies were hard to come by. Minimize the damage by keeping a long-term food and water supply, along with survival kits and alternative heat when the power shuts off. Make an emergency plan with your family so you will know what to do when the storm hits home. Doing these things will not only make you more comfortable with less worry in a crisis, but they will help safeguard your survival. Take the future into your own hands and prepare now.

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