Obama's Last Chance

America’s Concerns About the Obama Re-Election

The re-election of President Barrack Obama has a good number of Americans concerned about what the future will hold. After high hopes for an end to the Obama presidency, citizens are finding little ‘hope’ to be had for the next four years, given Obama’s track record.

So, what are these people worried about, anyway? Well, it has everything to do with what some believe to be radical behavior, and the impact Obama’s decisions have on the country as a whole. Many dislike Obama’s methods of circumventing congress, along with laws, and see this as Obama’s way of securing authority that he should not have. Concerned citizens believe the president has not only circumvented laws, but he has also blatantly ignored and failed to enforce them.

Many believe this re-election will bring the nation down, and fear the future, as Obama’s America features a very different sort of American Dream. With immigration laws unenforced, the economy on a down-slide, and unemployment spreading. Only one day into his new presidential term, marijuana is legalized in two states and the stock market plummets.

It’s evident that many Americans worry about what lies ahead under President Obama. It can be seen in the surplus of emergency food storage and gun sales with lines out the doors; citizens are starting to understand the need to prepare for the worst and ‘hope’ for the best. It would seem that not everyone trusts Obama, and instead have doubts that the next few years will improve or even stay the same in the United States.

Whether or not you are in fact concerned about the Obama re-election, the future looks rocky, and the best way to safeguard your family and your rights to survive whatever lies ahead, is to prepare with emergency food, water, and supplies. For once, we are telling you that prepping is one bandwagon you want to jump on.

 *This article is not a direct representation of My Food Storage’s political beliefs*