drought stress

Drought Increases Food Prices

This summer has been hot and dry, and excessive drought conditions have caused a noticeable increase in food prices. We’ve seen this first hand in Utah, where farmers have been struggling to make ends meet for months with severe summer weather that has made it difficult to grow.

It was only a matter of time before the 2012 heatwave started to affect consumers as well. For two months the price of milk, cereal and chips has increased. Milk is expected to go up 6%, meat 5-10%, while corn and soy based products will be rising by over 10% this summer.

Along with these concerning food prices, there’s also water irrigation to worry about. Several counties will be facing loss of irrigation this month.

Yet another reason to store long term food and water. There are tons of threats to our normal order of where to get the essentials. With food prices rising and water sources running low, now is the time to get prepping.