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Learn more about our emergency food kits and what's to love about how our long term food benefits you.

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Emergency Food Kits Long Term Ready Made Meals

Our emergency food kits are the best quality, taste, and value available. Our meals are made with farm fresh ingredients grown in the United States, to ensure great natural flavor and nutritional value. The meals are prepared and freeze dried ready-made. Then, the emergency food is nitrogen flushed and sealed in individual mylar pouches to provide a 25 year shelf life.

The pouches are light weight and contain only 4 servings each, rather than the 25-50 you get with cans. This prevents any of your hard-earned food supply from going to waste, and means you can eat what you want, when you want. The pouches are then packed into durable buckets that offer secure storage without the need for expensive shelving. These buckets are also perfect for grabbing on-the-go when you need to evacuate quickly.

We offer a variety of different emergency food kits, such as long term ready-made meals, freeze dried veggies, fruits, and meats. Start preparing now for an emergency with a reliable food kit.