Empowering Your Survival: Intro to Solar Generators

Imagine no phones, no cell reception, no television or internet to connect with the outside world. The city is dark, lights are out, and all of your appliances are down. All you can do is sit and wait while your perishable foods go bad, and hope the storm will pass. Maybe it’s freezing cold and you’re trying to stay warm the best you can without any heat. Or maybe it’s stifling hot, but without an alarm system or phones up you’d rather not leave windows open for unwanted trespassers who believe in ceasing the opportunity, and your food is spoiling in double the time.

Some people may disapprove of today’s dependency on power, but the truth is it’s too little too late. Electricity is something we use constantly in the daily routine of our modern lifestyle, and it doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. Without it things can go bad fast. You never know when power is going to be knocked out and you will be surprised by how difficult the complications of becoming a powerless town can be. Recently, Hurricane Isaac caused over 700,000 homes loss of power in Louisiana alone, and the numbers only keep rising.

One thing we can depend on more securely, however, is the sun. When power lines fail to produce it, we always have sunlight to shed comfort on our days. For this reason, MyFoodStorage is now selling a top of the line solar powered generator. The Humless Sentinel Solar Kit provides the power you need from an unstoppable source: the sun. The battery charges to 100% after the solar panels collect energy for 8 hours, allowing you to power anything from a fridge to a space heater and beyond, even charge your phone.

This generator is safe and easy to use, without the use of harmful chemicals and batteries that must be disposed of far from home. Also, the Humless technology means it’s quiet, sparing you the common racket that comes with power generators. Using natural resources to give electricity to your home is the best guarantee. This product is portable, weighing in at 40 lbs, and features a 100 watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel for charging. It’s a stand alone solution that empowers your survival via solar energy. Buy yours now, and protect your future and your lifestyle.