Holiday Food Storage Savings

Food Storage for the Holidays


This year, during the holidays at MFS, give the gift of peace of mind with our long-term food storage and save money with our December promotion. Although it might seem untraditional, gifting emergency food is a great way to secure a family’s safety and survival for the long-term, it’s something everyone needs and will be glad to have.

Our Holiday Promotion this year offers 40 free servings of Life Source Meal Shakes on orders over $1,000. Life Source meals are the ideal supplement to your emergency food supply. They provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals for an adult female and 75% RDA for an adult male.

These delicious chocolate flavored meals are packed with rich nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the form of an easy-to-prepare shake. With a guaranteed 25 year shelf life, these shakes offer more than you can get out of any multivitamin while also being incredibly shelf-stable, to keep up with your long-term food supply. Packaged in resealable Mylar pouches, they are easy to store just about anywhere. Add water, mix and enjoy.

In addition to the Life Source shakes, we also offer a free emergency stove on orders over $250 and free shipping everywhere in the continental United States. Free shipping means you can spend your money on more products instead of fees, and the free stove gives you a great source of heat for safely boiling water in an emergency or outdoor survival.

Unwrap the savings and get your family prepared this holiday season with the perfect gift that lasts 25 years. Go here to view our most popular food storage packages and get shopping.