Long Shelf Life

Shelf Life : Food Longevity

When it comes to food supply, a deciding factor is often price versus shelf life. Everyone likes a good deal, especially when buying in bulk for emergency preparation, but often that means you have to sacrifice a longer shelf life in the process. At MyFoodStorage, we made it a top priority to offer the lowest prices we can, with an extensive shelf life; one of the longest available.

Benefits of a Long Shelf Life:

  1. No rotation – Rotating your food supply can be a hassle, and can lead to a lot of unnecessary waste. With an extensive shelf life, you’ll waste less of what you paid for.
  2. Saving money – Along with the money that goes down the drain once your food storage goes bad, there’s the money you save in the future when it comes time to replace what you’ve lost. Food prices are rapidly increasing; spending the money upfront now on food with a much longer shelf life could save you thousands of dollars later on.
  3. Worth your Penny – Making the decision to spend money on something you’ll only need in case of an emergency can be difficult. With a long shelf life, however, it’s much more worth it because you’re covered not just for a few years, but up to 25+ years.
  4. The Long Haul –It’s hard to say when disaster will strike, whether it will be in one year or twenty years that you’ll need your emergency storage. Preparing for the future is more than getting ready for the next year or so, it’s preparing for the long haul. With a long shelf life, you’re covered for about a third of a lifetime.
  5. Worry Less – For all the reasons listed above, you can rest much easier. Not only are you prepared, but you’re covered for most of the foreseeable future with good reliable food storage.

MyFoodStorage offers ready-made food storage meals with a great 25+ year shelf life, along with our tasty freeze dried vegetables. Also, our freeze dried fruits give you a 20 year shelf life, and meats have 15 years. Let the longevity of your food storage be the deciding factor, without sacrificing on spend. Our meals are as low as $1.50 per serving.