How Much Food Do You Need?

A common question on the minds of food storage buyers is just how much food they need to survive an emergency. The answer isn’t that simple. Every individual and family is different, so the best way to determine how much you need, is to think about those eating habits and neccesary caloric intake, along with what other food storage you have to suppllement the ready-made meals with (if any). Keep in mind that in most emergency food packages you are given the decision between 2 servings or 3 servings a day.If you do have some basic food stored, like grains or rice and other canned products, you might only need 2 servings a day. This is where you’ll have to do some calculating.

Some people want a 3 month supply; some want a year or more – this is another element to consider. Figure out what you’re preparing for, if it’s for long term or short term survival, which will help narrow down your options. We know that buying long term food and deciding what you need can be stressful, so to make this process easier, try using our Food Storage Calculator. This will populate your options so you can see all the packages that fit your needs.