What to Expect to Lose in 2013

Inflating the Future: 6 Things that will Cost More in 2013

The after effects of 2012 seep into the new year, and we’ll be paying the cost of a difficult past. Food prices will increase thanks to last year’s drought while other technologies like electronics and cars increase due to the high demands of the future.

1. Animal Products: After last summer’s devastating drought, food prices this year will be higher than usual. Dairy products, beef and chicken will feature an increase in cost. For this reason it would be a wise idea to have a surplus of freeze dried meats during the hard times that the drought has caused..

2. Cars: Obama’s administration recently issued new auto-making standards to improve fuel efficiency, and this along with the high cost of upgrading engines will increase car prices as much as $3,000 or more.

3. Healthcare Premiums: The amount of rising premium costs will depend on state and plan, but as employers encounter higher premiums these costs will then impact employees and become an added cost in 2013.

4. Grains: Again, last summer’s drought immediately affected grains due to low wheat yield. This will cause an increase in the cost of cereal and other grain products.

5. Copper: Now that copper has been approved for trade, the metal will likely become more scarce, which could lead to increase in demand and cost. This would effect piping, wire, pots, and liquor distilleries.

6. Shipping: In 2013 we will begin to see up to a 5% increase in shipping costs from UPS and FedEx starting as early as this month. From many companies, this would mean a higher cost on purchases, but thankfully this is not the case for My Food Storage, as we will continue to offer free shipping for the foreseeable future.

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