Innovative Mylar

Investing in Innovation: The Perks of the Mylar Pouch

We believe in forward-thinking, which is why we did away with the out-dated #10 can, and introduced the safer and more efficient Mylar pouch. The cans used by many of our competitors might seem like an easy option, but the fact is they come with a lot of hassle, and health risks to boot.

Keeping your family safe and your future secure, relies upon the basics you need in order to survive: food and water. The trouble with the can, is that underlying concerns are frequently overlooked, but still just as serious. Often times, cans come with harmful BPAs and chemicals, and are prone to rust.

Over the years, the inner layer of a can may seep into the food, spoiling the flavor and giving it a chemical taste. Our entree and breakfast pouches do not pose these risks whatsoever, and are able to lock in flavor for 25 years. Keep your family safe from these hazards, and steer clear of cans.

Another drawback of cans is the inconvenience. They can be difficult to store, and require shelving. Our buckets feature a lock-in stacking capability, to provide easy and and compact storage, without the need for shelves.

With 10-50 servings inside each can,  you have only a matter of days to consume all of those servings, and will be stuck eating the same thing until it’s gone bad. Unless you have a very very large family, this leads to tons of wasted food, and a very bored pallet.

The pouches we sell contain only 4 servings each, giving you way more options and freedom. Dry leftovers last for at least 1 week after opening, so you have time to finish those few remaining servings- no need to eat them all at once.

The design of our food and packaging keeps innovation in mind, taking advantage of modern-day tools and materials that can enhance your food supply, in addition to providing only the best option out there for any family. Invest in this modern innovation today and enjoy all the perks Mylar has to offer, entering the future worry-free.