Superstorm Eminent in NYC

Preparing for the Megastorm in NYC: Hurricane Sandy Gets Serious

Experts predict that Hurricane Sandy, AKA ‘Frankenstorm’, will affect 1 in 5 Americans, as the storm’s path spans a population of 64 million. Meteorologists say it’s likely this hurricane will set a record for the worst East Coast storm in recorded history. And this means trouble for one of the most highly populated areas of the U.S., New Yorkers in particular.

Comfortably surviving a natural disaster in an overcrowded and unprepared city like NYC is difficult to say the least. Stores have been picked through and supplies are hard to come by for those who were not prepared with  long term emergency food and water.

For only the second time in history, New York City has closed subway transit, not even allowing anyone to shelter down below due to health hazards and risks associated with the out-of-date infrastructure, which will likely fall apart under the pressures of this Perfect Storm.

This is what Hurricane Sandy looks like in New York City now:

- 90 mph winds

- Closed Subway means limited transportation in bad weather, for a city where few people own a car.

Mayor Bloomberg issued a mandatory evacuation notice for about 375,000 residents.

- The National Weather Service urges those hesitant to leave their homes behind to consider the fatal risks of this Mega-storm.

- New York Stock Exchange closed

- Over 7,000 flights cancelled and airports crowded with people desperate to get out of the storm’s eminent path.

- Over 67,000 homes already without power.

President Obama announced to the populations of the affected areas that ‘This is going to be a big, powerful storm and you MUST listen to officials.” Some may find it surprising that so many people are reluctant to evacuate before it’s too late, but to those who are unprepared and uninformed it’s just a storm and their material goods are more important than a bit of rain. Even with power outages expected to last 7-10 days. Although most of New York City’s population has dispersed, a few remain reluctant to leave their home, despite the government’s warnings.

The truth is, this hurricane will be huge. It will be deadly to those who do not take proper precautions and safety measures. And this is exactly why we urge our readers and customers to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Safety is always our #1 concern. Preparing your family and spreading the word to others is the best way of safeguarding the population and each individual’s survival.