unexpected meteor prepping

Preparing to Survive the Unexpected

Last Friday, Russia was hit with the largest meteor of the century, weighing in at over 10,000 tons. The blast caused by the meteor released about 500 kilotons of energy, which is over 30 times the amount of energy unleashed by the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

We prepare for all sorts of predictable natural disasters, and even man-made, but space-made disasters are less anticipated. Luckily, if you are ever faced with a meteor in the future, being prepared in any way is your best bet to survive well. Having long-term food and water, and a set emergency plan is a sure way to increase your odds in any disaster, expected or unexpected.

1. Emergency Plan: Regardless of the crisis at hand, have a plan to meet in a safe location in case of a disaster. Make evacuation plans if necessary, and stay calm. As convenient as it would be for a disaster to strike when your family is already together, that is unlikely.

2. Take Inventory of Your Emergency Goods: Gather your supplies, including food, water, survival gear and alternate heat and light sources, rationing the correct portions.

3. Be Safe: Stay inside where it is safe until hazards have been cleared. After an event like a meteor, tons of destruction will be waiting to injure unprepared victims. Buildings will become unsteady and may collapse, so be sure that your location is protected from potential threats. If not, move to a safer place.

Although an event like this is rare, it can still occur at any moment, and is often unpredicted. Preparing wisely for the future means understanding and identifying all threats, big or small, natural or unnatural and everything in between.

When preparing for the uncertain future, keep in mind it is just that- uncertain. The residents in Russia affected by this meteor had no warning whatsoever. Disasters can surprise you at any moment, so be ready. Long-term food and water will give you the energy you need to survive the unexpected. Take your survival into your own hands today, and invest in your future now.