The Politics of Food Storage

We hear a lot of different stories for why our customers choose to prepare with long term food. Along with natural threats like the recent hurricanes, floods, power outages and droughts we’ve discussed, many people worry more about politics. Whatever your political beliefs may be, it is evident across the board that the Obama government has given cause for a lot of public distrust and concern for the future.

MyFoodStorage doesn’t pick sides, but the observations can be made by anyone that things aren’t exactly ideal. Looking back in history, the main cause of most human suffering came from governments or rulers gone awry. Famine, depression, and rioting can lead to more extreme situations that give much cause for concern. Worrying about the people who lead us and whether or not they can be trusted is an issue to be dealt with, and it’s a very rational one, given humanity’s track record for harmony and keeping the peace.

Many citizens worry about Obama’s  seemingly unconstitutional ways, and what some believe is an attempt to reduce civil liberties like gun rights and immigration laws. The best way to secure your safety and independence is by preparing with your own storage of emergency food, water, and supplies. Whether you’re ‘probama’ or ‘nobama’, depending less on the government and putting your future into your own hands guarantees a safeguard. In most cases, when something goes wrong in a country it leads to lack of food and higher prices in all directions. Save yourself the worry and prepare now.