The Prepper Movement

The media has always had a heavy influence on the public, and the spreading trend of emergency preparedness has caught the eye of Americans and the media alike. Shows like Doomsday Preppers have capitalized on this movement, receiving both positive and negative reactions to their portrayal of our prepping population.

The prepper movement isn’t an irrational one; in fact it may be one of the most rational public movements influenced by the media. Doomsday Preppers aims to inform the public on why they should prepare and how they can, encouraging action that can save lives through prepping for any emergency. It’s not all about the apocalypse or Mayan conspiracy theories, but about preparing for the uncertainfuture and any risks that may threaten our nation.

National preparedness safeguards the population and is the best way to ensure our survival when disaster strikes. It’s a joint effort, but also one that isimportant to take into our own hands. Some preppers may go to great and even drastic lengths to obtain the peace of mind they need, but the truth is the threats are real, and any preparation is good preparation.

 We can’t predict when an emergency will occur; it could be now or in 10 years, and being unprepared leaves us vulnerable. Prepping is a big step toward empowering ourselves and relieving the anxiety caused by life’s uncertainties. The threats are out there, in wide variety. From natural disasters and power outages, to more catastrophic events that can shake the delicate foundation of the American Dream. Preppers aren’t crazy, they are simply aware of the troubled times we live in and have taken their survival into their own hands. It isn’t always as extreme as we see on T.V., prepping can be as simple as making a plan, and storing food and water and emergency supplies. It’s our responsibility to identify all threats and hazards and do what we can to prepare ourselves for whatever the future may hold. My Food Storage supports The Prepper Movement, and urges the public to get involved and secure their safety and survival, come what may. This is why we offer high quality long term food storage and emergency supplies perfect for getting you prepared now.