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Tsunami Warning in Costa Rica: It’s Not Over Yet, Get Prepping!

Summer may be coming to a close but 2012′s extreme weather isn’t done surprising us yet. A major earthquake hit Costa Rica this morning off the Pacific Coast, stirring up the seas for a possible tsunami with the most intense quake in over 60 years at a magnitude of 7.6. A tsunami warning has been issued in Costa Rica, where civilians are rushing to escape further damage and trauma.

So far the damage isn’t as bad as it could have been, but power lines are down and roads have been buried by landslides. Thankfully, very few deaths have been reported, meanwhile chaos caused by this intense and long-lasting quake has raised a lot of panic.

Often it’s the aftermath that makes for the most trying conditions and difficulty. Whether or not a tsunami does strike, without power and so much road and structural damage many will go without food or water, and possibly lose their homes. By storing ready-made emergency food most of these people could have avoided panic with the highly valued safeguard of a definite meal in any situation.

If 2012 has taught us anything, it’s that we had best be prepared for everything. Because it’s impossible to predict when or where the next disaster will surely strike. Prepare now!