When it Rains it Pours: Hurricanes and Emergency Food

Our last post was all about the drought, but what about the severe flooding happening down south? Rain is good, but while it’s pouring down buckets in some parts of the country, it remains absent where it is most needed. A recent flood warning was released by the National Weather Service in Louisiana yesterday, as Hurricane Isaac closes in on the Gulf Coast; category 1 warnings have been issued.

While most of the country dries out, states like Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Western Florida are at risk of severe flooding of up to 18 inches. Unfortunately, threats of this kind of rainfall in this particular area could mean some serious devastation to towns with already high river levels. Already a Category 1 hurricane, Isaac is predicted to hit at least level 2 along the Gulf Coast, with possible winds of up to 100 MPH.

Hurricane Threats that Will Make You Glad to Have Emergency Food:

Flooding: Piling water can wipe away homes, ruin cars and many other precious items such as damaging your perishable food supply.

Extreme Wind: Gusts will knock out power lines, ruin homes, and spread dangerous debris. When your power goes out your perishable food will go bad fast.

Heavy Rainfall & Storm: Severe storms mean wind surges, lighting, and intense rain that can drench just about anything, along with obvious flooding.

Our Emergency Food Kits are the best option for hurricane survival because of their smart packaging. The meals are freeze dried and nitrogen flushed, sealed into Mylar pouches. Those pouches are then packed into durable buckets. This means it is easy to grab on-the-go when evacuation is necessary, and you don’t have to worry about rust like you do with cans exposed to water damage.

*If you are in the affected area and haven’t already prepared with survival food, call now to order, and ask about expedited shipping. Call: 888-407-0833