Will the Government Have Your Back?

A recent survey taken by Adelphi University shows that 55% of Americans believe the government will take care of them when times get tough. More than half of the surveyed citizens have expressed great faith in the authorities, but is it blind faith or well-grounded? The truth is, looking back we can see how the government has made disappointingly minimal efforts to relieve our country’s disaster related damage.

Years later, victims of Hurricane Katrina are still without homes and jobs. This disaster was contained in one location, and yet where the brunt of the damage hit remains a ghost town. Many worry that if our government could not come to the rescue for these people, what will happen when a nation-wide or big-scale disaster strikes? Such as an earthquake, pandemic or attack?

More than half of the population doesn’t even have a 72 hour food and water kit on hand for times like these. We can’t sit back and hope the government will come to our rescue in a crisis, their track record of such efforts is not very reassuring. And the cause of recent concern, a document signed by Barack Obama, could give him incredible and frightening power over the country in an emergency. Not to mention, FEMA has stated that they will only have 17.5 million packaged meals to provide the whole country with, and in the case of a nation-wide crisis, this is barely enough to feed 5% of us, once. We’re faced with a familiar problem: too many people, not enough life boats. And many individuals believe this ship is going down.

The best way of safeguarding our future is by preparing independently with emergency food, water, survival supplies and back up generators. It is a great form of self-preservation and empowerment that will help you survive whatever trouble lies ahead. When a natural, man-made, or economic emergency occurs, ensure your own peace of mind by preparing ahead of time. Many Americans agree that a storm of some kind is fast approaching, big or small, so why not prepare now with 25-year shelf life ready-made meals?