California Crops in Danger

Winter Weather Affecting California Crops: Store Emergency Food and Avoid Rising Costs

Despite worries about global warming and record high temperatures this past summer, threats of a harsh winter are coming to light. Barely into this winter a cold spell has already devastated western U.S. crops, freezing California’s fruit orchards and causing an eminent rise in food prices yet again.

2013 looks to be breaking records of its own, as temperatures in LA reached a low of  34 degrees last week. With inflation on dairy, wheat and meat products in addition to this spike in produce cost, we are looking at a very expensive year, in hoping crops won’t yet again freeze over.

In an attempt to save their citrus crops, California farmers have spent more than $23 million protecting their produce with warming machinery, but for many damage was unavoidable this year. The after effects of this freezing are still being inspected and assessed, but in the meantime citrus, mandarins and lemons aren’t the only crops to worry about. Artichokes and lettuce prices are also on the rise, and at risk of damage from this winter’s intense cold.

Every season has its threats, natural, economical or both. It is impossible to know with certainty when or where extreme weather may occur or how it will affect the future. Securing your protection with long-term food storagewill get you through economical lows, food shortages and inflation. With a 25 year shelf life it is an investment worth making, without the need of rotation you are buying high quality non-perishable food for a set low price. The sooner you invest the better, as food prices continue to rise you’ll be needing  an emergency food supply to fall back on when times get tough.