Other Products

  • 2 Person 72 Hour Food Kit

    2 Person 72 Hour Food Kit

    Competitors Price: $70.00

    Our Price: $65.00

    These light-weight 72 hour food kits are perfect for camping, emergency prep, or sampling. This kit contains 6 of our best selling entrees: 4 servings per day, with 24 servings total.

  • Deluxe Survival Kit

    Deluxe Survival Kit

    Competitors Price: $242.00

    Our Price: $234.99

    This survival kit contains a wide variety of emergency gear, along with a 2 week supply of our long term food. This item could take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

  • Stove Fuel Disk 6 Pack

    Stove Fuel Disk 6 Pack

    Competitors Price: $27.59

    Our Price: $22.99

    Pack of 6 additional solid fuel discs for the our Stove in a can

  • Emergency Stove

    Emergency Stove

    Competitors Price: $34.95

    Our Price: $29.95

    Stove In A Can is a portable, self-contained cooking platform that provides a perfect heat source for cooking. Virtually anything that can be cooked on a regular stove can be cooked on a Stove In A Can.

Other Survival and Emergency Products

Long Term Food Storage isn't the only thing we do here at my food storage. We offer an array of accessories and emergency meal sides to compliment our food storage and offer a complete survival package for you and your family.

Check out our various other food storage supplemental products and accessories. Here you can find our Freeze Dried Meats, Freeze Dried Vegetables and Sauces, our Emergency Survival Stove and accessories, our Water filtering and storage systems and much more