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What Other's Are Saying

  • “Myfoodstorage ships quicker than any other food storage company I’ve tried. I only waited a few days instead of a few months for delivery, and the shipping was free! Very Pleased.”
    – Michael, CA
  • “Great customer service. Very helpful and willing to work with me on my food allergy needs and concerns. They didn’t rush to get off the phone and seemed glad to help. Other companies I tried never even answered.”
    - Marie, PA
  • “High quality products from this reliable company. Love the free emergency stove too, they always have great stuff. I bought everything I needed and was happy with the price.”
    – Ken, TX
  • “Food is great. Arrived fast and actually tastes better than expected. The customer service girls told me they eat it for lunch sometimes and I believe it. I’d definitely be glad to eat it in an emergency and the 25 year shelf life is a great bonus.”
    – Mark, OR

Why Buy From My Food Storage?

  • Longest Shelf Life

    Our dehydrated and freezed-dried food is stored in oxygen free, high barrier mylar bags. Those bags are then tightly packed into high density polyethylene buckets. The bucket seals are water tight, ensuring protection against minimal water exposure.
  • Great Tasting Food

    My Food Storage prides itself on offering food that tastes great. Many hours have been spent coming up with the recipes that offer the best smell, flavor and texture.
  • Best Price

    Unfortunately, not all food storage companies are created equally. Other companies use fillers such as drinks, rice, and soups in order to offer lower prices. With us, our packages consist only of 3 soups and an entire variety of hearty breakfasts and entrees. No other fillers are used to lower the cost and quality of our food.
  • More Calories than anybody else in the industry

    One of the most important things to look for in emergency food is the amount of calories. Our company offers more calories per serving than any other food storage company around…period!
  • Easy to store

    Our food is delivered to your door in durable plastic buckets that are easily stackable. An entire year supply of food can fit into a regular sized closet.
  • Shortest Cooking Times

    We use the most advanced freeze-dried ingredients in our meals. Most of our noodle entrees can be prepared in as little as 4 minutes. All others meals can be prepared in no longer than 12 minutes.
  • Everyday use

    You don’t have to wait for a disaster to happen to start eating your emergency food. Because our meals are stored in 4 serving mylar pouches, they are ideal to take hunting, fishing, camping, or on any other outdoor activity.


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